Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Company vs Established MLM Company

Many people wonder if joining an established company is more advantagous than joining a budding or new MLM. Well, I'd like to share a few nuggets that I've learned since joining a "budding/new" company.

In 2008, when I joined Soul Purpose, it hadn't been heard of. While our esteemed Owner and CEO, Nadine Thompson has many years of both product development and direct sales experience, this was now her company and she would be responsible for the culture that is created here. In the last company that I was with, Nadine created wonderful products but the company was already established and it seemed that I was getting no where. Lots of people in my "target market" had already been exposed to the company name.

On the flip side, being a part of Soul Purpose, when we launched, due to the fact that I joined as a Visionary Circle member, I was immediately propelled to the position of Managing Associate in just 30 days after our product launch. For me, that was a significant change in circumstance. I began building a team before the compensation plan was even revealed. Since that time, I've promoted to the illustrious title of Diamond Executive and have been able to see the fruits of my labor and that of those on my team who are also budding leaders.

Our goal is to reach the very top of the compensation plan but we can't do it alone.

My advice is to join Soul Purpose. While it is still a young company, the potential for growth in the market is phenomenal. Not since Madame CJ Walker has there been another African-American owned company to create the type of financial independence that Lady Nadine A. Thompson will create. I invite you to join my team.

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